The International Society for Religion, Literature and Culture exists to promote the study of literature, religion, and the arts through its newsletter, website and contacts throughout the world with groups and societies with similar interests. ISRLC’s Secretary is Dr Andrew W. Hass, University of Stirling, and communications are coordinated by Dr Alana M. Vincent, University of Chester.

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LTA is an innovatory, multi-disciplinary space for the study of the intersection of religion and culture, part of Theology and Religious Studies subject area within the School of Critical Studies at the University of Glasgow. The work of the LTA includes seminars, postgraduate students’ research, collaborative publications, and conferences. The LTA is co-directed by Professor David Jasper and Professor Heather Walton, with the assistance of Dr Anna Fisk.

The organising committee for the Lines in Sand conference also includes Deryl Davis, Clare Brown, Clare Radford, Dr Samuel Tongue, and Kathryn Wills.

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Both ISRLC and LTA have close links with the Oxford University Press journal Literature and Theology, a quarterly peer-review journal that provides a critical non-confessional forum for both textual analysis and theoretical speculation, encouraging explorations of how religion is embedded in culture. The journal’s overall aim is to engage with and reshape traditional discourses within the studies of literature and religion, and their cognate fields – biblical criticism, literary criticism, philosophy, politics, culture studies, gender studies, artistic theory/practice, and contemporary critical theory/practice.